Structural Steel

Normalized fine-grained structural steels
Tough and hot formable
Fine-grained structural steels convince users with their greater toughness, and thus also superior working and welding properties, compared to classical non-alloy structural steels. Since such steels, thanks to normalizing annealing, regain their original micro structure in the "Normalized" delivery state, normalized fine-grained structural steels are ideally suitable for structural components produced by means of classical hot forming, or destined for subsequent normalizing annealing during the production process.


The Dillinger range for ayour needs:
Dillinger supplies normalized fine-grained structural steels that conform to a large range of international standards and codes of practice for structural-steel engineering, pressure-vessel engineering, etc..
We can supply an exceptionally large range of formats and dimensions.
Plates can be supplied in widths up to 5,200 mm and with individual plate weights of up to approx. 42 t.

Useful information on normalized fine-grained structural steels
Normalized fine-grained structural steels are traditionally produced by means of heat treatment, so-called "normalizingannealing", after rolling. This heat-soaking to above the ferrite-austenite transformation temperature and subsequent slow cooling generates a fine, regular ferritic-pearlitic microstructure in the steel. Depending on plate thickness and the grade of steel involved, this form of heat treatment can nowadays also be replaced by normalizing rolling – with exactly the same result
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