Core Scanning

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When it comes to drill-core image acquisition, evaluation and storage, R&F CoreScan System to supply you and your projects with even better technology. You may either purchase or rent our innovative R&F CoreScan System or we can carry out the job for you on site.

R&F  CoreScan UV is a new additional UV fluorescence imaging tool for the established R&F CoreScan System. Using this integrated feature makes it easier to analyze drill core e.g. for the distribution of mineral oil or fluorescent minerals such as scheelite.

Whatever you choose, you will receive top service and optimum results.

Getting the right answers fast is crucial to your success in exploration and site investigation projects. The portable R&F CoreScan system can help you. This digital drill core scanning and imaging system provides:

  • High-tech core logging
  • Drill core imaging
  • 360° core imaging
  • Quantitative fracture analysis
  • Digital core library and drill core management system
  • Online data accessibility
  • UV fluorescence imaging
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