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Our Services

' We represent DHV (Valves) and Dillinger (Steel Plates) among other major petroleum service companies in Egypt. Click here for full list of principals.

'We offer a storage facility with a capacity of 17,400 cubic meters and a fully functioning fire fighting system, 24 hours security, and a location in an industrial area.

We provide consultancy services that cover Integrated Management Systems, HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment), and many more projects and methods. Click *here* for full consultancy services...details.


An internal HSE Audit has been conducted

An internal HSE Audit has been conducted in 2012
and resulted in introducing some improvements to the system.

R&F has adopted an HSE Management System.

The system is applicable to R&Fs contractors through relevant procedures.


About Us

R&F (Rocks and Fluids)
R&F Oil Services was established in 1998 by a group of petroleum experts with diverse expertise in the oil and gas industry. The companys core business is supplying production equipment to the major multinational oil and gas companies in Egypt and North Africa. However, with the increasing need for the petroleum industry, to improve its health, safety, and environmental performance and cop up with anticipated more